Carpet Steam Cleaning

We professionally steam clean carpets in a seven (7) step process.

Step 1  Inspection – Our trained technician will inspect your carpet to determine its material and construction type.  From there our technician will know the best treatment required for the particular carpet.  Our technician will also note any irregularities and will provide a summary of its condition.

Step 2  Pre-vacuum carpet with a Hepa filter Vacuum and a high speed agitator head ensuring the removal of loose soil and dust particles from the carpet fibre.

Step 3  Pre-spray with Enviro friendly cleaning solution specific to the type of carpet being cleaned i.e. Wool carpets are cleaned with wool safe solutions.

Step 4  Rotary buff/agitate the pre-sprayed carpet ensuring the carpet fibres have been agitated.

Step 5  Steam clean extraction removes majority of soils, dust and stains.  No cleaning solution is left in carpet.

Step 6  Spot treatments applied to remaining marks then steam clean extracted, again leaving no residual cleaning solutions in the carpet.

Step 7  Carpet rinse is applied to ensure ph balance along with an odour counteractant deodorizer.

Maintenance planning is recommended to guarantee the longevity of your carpet.  Aquacare can devise and implement a program suited to the type of carpet, its environment and the wear and tear it can incur.  Contact our office and we will gladly spend the time to discuss your maintenance plan further.