Final Builders Clean / Renovation

More and more astute home owners are renovating their homes but get caught out with the post cleaning and sometimes the unnecessary damage that can occur to their property as a result.  We at Aquacare offer the ‘Book-end’ service to ensure no damage is incurred and your property is protected and restored to the best it can be.

Overview of this service is as follows:


  • Inspect and plan the best course of preparation.
  • Identify all content items that require removal and/or protection including window treatments.
  • Provide inventory (if required)
  • Store all content items safely (on-site or off-site @ our secured holding facility).
  • Seal off sections of property to minimize dust/debris intrusion.

Final Clean

  • Remove protective sheeting and tape.
  • Inspect property to ensure no damage is evident from trades.
  • Remove all evidence of builders dust