Tile and Grout ‘Turbo’ steam cleaning and protection

A clean tiled floor is something to behold but the same can’t be said to a dirty tiled floor.  Aquacare will rejuvenate and restore the luster and appeal of your tiled flooring in a matter of minutes and can be walked on within minutes.  We can clean all types of tiled flooring ranging from the delicate natural stone floors through to commercial heavy duty ceramics.  We also seal tile and grout floors where it is required.  To ensure you get the best out of your tiled floor contact Aquacare and invest in a lifetime of clean and living

We professionally steam clean tiles and grout in a seven (7) step process.

Step 1  Inspect tiles and grout to confirm grout condition and tile type.

Step 2  Conduct test clean to determine best solution for clean-ability.

Step 3  Prepare floor by moving furnishings (large cabinets/units excluded).  Sweep/vacuum loose dust and soils.

Step 4  Pre-spray with Enviro friendly cleaning solution specific to the type of tile being cleaned (generally a degreaser).

Step 5  Rotary buff the pre-sprayed tiles and grout to remove soil build up on the tiles and within the grout.

Step 6  ‘Turbo’ High pressure steam clean extraction applied to tiles and grout removing majority of soils, dust and stains.  No cleaning solution residue is left.  All waste water is collected by self contained waste tank.

Step 7  Inspect all areas and touch up areas where required with hand towel.

Additional steps

Step 8  Apply an acid based pre-spray to tiles and grout then rotary scrub and then high pressure steam clean extract.  No chemical residue left behind.  (Generally required for wet areas i.e. bathrooms and laundries and high traffic areas i.e. Kitchen and living rooms.)